Eleect;Biden Collapses On Live Television

The cast of the hit morning program “Fox and Friends” laughed and cheered this morning while reporting on a YouTube video showing President Joe Biden collapsing like a wet noodle during a live broadcast. The three dingleberries had been actively waiting for such an occurrence for some time.

The geriatric President, who is only three years older than previous national embarrassment and sexual predator Donald Trump, is seen on the video crumpling downwards while speaking to a group of 9/11 firefighters two years ago. He ends up horizontal on the ground at their feet and begins dulcidly singing “I’m Going Down” by Bruce Springsteen.

The video is now being played on heavy rotation through Fox’s day as the President makes his way to Illinois to promote the Covid19 vaccine. The clip, which is an obvious fake, was chastised briefly by podcaster Joe “Rogan” Barron just after the initial reveal.

“This is a really cheesy attempt by Fox at ‘humor’, which is a whole different animal when you’re dealing with an audience of over-70 retired coffin shoppers. I mean, it’s very obviously fake. It looks like someone who worked for ‘Doctor Who’ in the sixties made it while gurgling on a ventilator.”

Barron is referring to the fact that the video contains two Bidens, one standing and speaking, and one slowly lowering downward. The latter Biden also appears to be ten years younger and wearing a sweatsuit.

The video, a product of user : “FakeShit4Tards” had no comment when we attempted to contact him. In fact, the phone call terminated at a voice mailbox for one “Bill Guliani”, and featured a recorded message from Pillionaire Mike Lindell giving a sales pitch for one of his verkakta friggin pillows.

Fox and Friend’s Brian Kilmeade, the official Googlemaster and Tech-emporor of the program assured his viewership of thousands of nearly-dead simpletons that Biden was “wimpy and frail.” He then began to cry and fell onto his back, scrabbling at the air and pumping his groin.

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