Florida Governor Fires Off Executive Order At Biden – DeSantis Just Moved To Protect Sunshine State From Joe’s Border

There are no two ways about it. Joe Biden deliberately destroyed our borders and created an immigration crisis. He eliminated every last Trump policy that secured our border. What has resulted over this year is nothing short of a catastrophe.

Despite what the administration is saying, the problem is only getting worse. Tens of thousands more migrants are marching toward our country. And to the shock of every American, Biden refuses to do anything. So, the Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis is taking action.

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order on Tuesday to protect Floridians from the “dangerous” impact of the Biden border crisis.

Executive Order 21-223 prohibits all Florida agencies from “facilitating illegal immigration into Florida, unless otherwise required by federal or state law, and require the collection of information from state officials on the scope and costs of illegal immigration in Florida.”

Ron DeSantis signed an executive order blocking Biden from shipping migrants to the state. The order forbids state agencies from complying with Biden’s attempts to move migrants from the border to states across the country.

We’ve seen, all year long, how Biden has tried to ship apprehended migrants to communities throughout the country. Instead of deporting them or denying them entry, he is rolling out the red carpet. States have tried to push back, but this is the first governor to sign a direct order forbidding it.

Because Biden canceled Trump’s border policies, he is refusing to deal with this crisis properly. Thousands upon thousands of strangers are flooding the country. Biden refuses to send them home, so he wants to make this problem everyone’s problem.

If states don’t fight back, Biden would dump hundreds of thousands of strangers into your communities. American cities and towns would be overrun by invaders, who will quickly become a burden on our government.

Biden doesn’t seem to care, because this was perhaps his plan all along. Ship new welfare candidates into the country and make sure they vote for Democrats.

Hopefully, more governors will fight Biden’s plan.

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